We couldn't be more obvious, here, we love origami !

Founded in 2008, RARA AVIS spirit comes from Japanese influences.

Our products relies essentially on traditional origami’s techniques -the folding of paper- and draw inspiration from Nature. For the sake of being environmentally friendly and looking for quality, we design exclusively slow-made goods*.

We love beautiful things, we take our time, we produce small quantities, by hand, unique and customizable items.  

We will never fold the exact same origami. Never again. It’s the value of transience and the now.

Our origami are made with colorful chiyogami and yuzen washi paper** imported from Japan, silkscreened by hand. We use water based glue and varnish, and safe metals and alloys (mostly stainless steel and 925 fine silver)***.

Our passion leads us toward others crafts and skills, such as japanese bookbinding, bead-weaving techniques, kumihimo (braided cords), embroidery or botany, etc. You will feel theses influences in our work.

*slow made movement is a way of producing goods in small quantity (opposed to industrial production) relying on time, research of quality artwork, beautiful and ethical raw materials, a fair price, with respect to the environment and the customer.

** washi paper = paper made from mulberries fibers, chiyogami and yuzen paper = adorned with striking and intense colors inspired by textile and kimono patterns, or simulating Japanese lacquerware

*** if a product does not comply to this policy, we always state it clearly